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Martin Clarksons practice aims to recontextualise the tradition of landscape painting, by addressing the subject matter at a geographical level in order to explore a plethora of varying environments and ecosystems that scope the entirity of our planet.

The paintings intertwine the natural world with the nature of paint. Clarksons practice offers the viewer a chance to emmerse themselves into an unfamiliar place of wonder and fastination, whilst presenting a moment to pause and be inspired by the reality of our beautiful, balenced and fragile 'One Planet' .

Beneith the painted surface, Clarksons discourse touches upon issues concerning the shifting states of our planet, and how the cost of human intervention is impacting the natural balance of each ecosystem and flora and fauna within it.

Clarksons practice hopes to bring attention to our future situation, by using the rich historical grounding and cultural significance of landscape painting, to promote the beauty and awe of the natural world, whilst also raising awairness of what is at risk of becoming lost forever.

“ I couldn't say that art will solve everything; it won't solve anything. But there has to be a kind of amalgamation of everybody all looking in the same direction. First, you have to convince people that climate change is happening, second, what we can do about it and, finally, how long have we got? ”

Max Eastley

Exhibitions / Collections


20th May - 22nd May Lady Bay Art Festival, Nottingham.

8th April – 15th, April 2016: BoHunkydory, Bohunk Institute, Nottingham.

October 2015 – Present: Seed Creativity, Private Collection
Leicestershire Exhibitor

March 2015 to Jan 2016, Private Collection: G1ART
Windomere, Cumbrian Lake District National Park.

15th December 2014 – Present: 2015 The Orange Tree Open Submission, Nottingham Exhibitor.

28th November – 12th December: 2014 Breaking the Fourth Wall,
Byron Cinema, Nottingham. Exhibitor and Assistant Coordinator.

2014 The Bohunk Open , 26th July – 1st August. Bohunk Institute, Nottingham.

2014 5 Squared, Nottingham Bohunk Institute, Nottingham..

2014 Fresh Meat, Nottingham Bohunk Institute, Nottingham. Exhibitor and Head Coordinator.

2013 / 2014 Made In England, Suzhou National Gallery and Museum, Suzhou, China..

2013 Biome’s, Nottingham Bohunk Institute, Nottingham.

2012 Wirksworth Art Festival, The Parish Room, Wirksworth.

2012 Degree Show, Loughborough University School of the Arts.

2010 Chewable Studios Collective, St Johns Ambulance, Leicester.

2010 Student Art Network Exhibition, London.

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