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Areas of working:

  • Fine Art
  • Drawing


My practice stems from the real, imaginary and the symbolic relationships we have with organic forms and landscapes. Working predominantly in oil paint and collage, my works play with a variety of flora, foilage, pattern and landscape, recreating environments and organic life through abstraction and figuration, play and form.

in my latest series Tropics, I have been exploring the idea of palm plants as a symbol of colonial discourses around the tropics. The construction of the tropics has a legacy in contemporary imagination, and palms are iconographical in that they evoke the sense of the ‘other’. I am currently employing painting techniques to explore the visual authenticity of the palm and its presence within a landscape.

Since graduating in Fine Art in 2015, Sarah Cunningham has continued to paint from her studio in Nottingham and to exhibit her work nationally. Her work has been published by the Guardian, the Nottingham Post, the Leftlion, the Creative Quarter, CURATE and various exhibition catalogues. She was the winner of the Liquitex and Subism Art prize and she has recently been long-listed for the 2017 Aesthetica Art Prize and short-listed for the 2017 Chelsea Fringe exhibition, 'FLOURISH'.

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