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Areas of working:

  • Fine Art


Philip Clarke’s work is a study of the modern urban landscape; employing painting and drawing as a means of exploring the dialogue between nature and the man-made environment. Particular attention is given to mood and atmosphere in order to communicate the feeling of a specific time and place.

Inspiration is not actively sought, but occurs through chance observations made in the course of day-to-day life, as seemingly banal urban spaces are momentarily transformed by the transcendental effects of light, weather and atmospheric conditions.

These observations inform works which seek to capture fleeting moments of contemplation, in which even the most mundane aspects of the urban environment are imbued with a subtle beauty.

Philip Clarke studied BA fine art at Loughborough university, graduating in 2012. He has since exhibited in a number of group exhibitions, and in 2014 his work was selected for the Sunday Times watercolour competition at the Mall Galleries, London.

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